Which basic HTML elements to use when submitting an answer to a Task?

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. This is a lightweight programming language which helps output content on a webpage a nice layout which is easy to read.

At AssistApp, you are required to employ the use of HTML elements when submitting your work. These elements help you arrange your completed task in a manner that pleases the reader

Below is a list of the elements that you need to use.

1. Heading tags:
There are 7 major types of HTML heading tags. Literary, these are tags that help you identify a sentence as a topic, subtopic or sub-subtopic.
The HTML heading tags are: H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, H7 in the order from largest heading to the least.
If I wanted to display he title of an article, I would type it as:
<h1>This is my topic</h1>
If I needed a subtopic of this title below it, I would type as follows:
<h2>This is my sub-topic</h2> The same applies to the other heading tags in that H2 is a subtopic of H1, and H3 is a subtopic to H3 etc.

At AssistApp, you must use these tags to have your task marked as complete in addition to following the provided instructions.

2. Parapragph tags:

At AssistApp, your paragraphs are enclosed as follows:

<p>This is my paragraph </p> 3. Listing HTML tags:

The most commonly used listing tags at AssistApp is:

<ul> <li>Item one in this list</li> <li>Item two in this list</li> </ul> 4. Line break: To separate two sentences without the use of a paragraph, you use line breaks tags.
This is sentence one<br> this is statement on the next line.

You MUST use these HTML tags well to have your work approved.

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